Program Fee: CAD1,350.00

DATES: May 10th - June 6th, 2018

Application accepted until Feb. 15th

(or until program is full)


2017 Participants’ Comments:

  • * Great overall experience. Extremely pleased that I attended.
    * This is an amazing way to learn and get a better understanding of the Chinese culture.
  • * Had lots of fun; met a lot of new friends; my Chinese improved a ton. Very satisfied overall.
    * It was a great experience. It was fun to go exploring around Shanghai with our language buddies. I had a great time and would highly recommend it.
    * I would do this again! The learning opportunities, places, friends, etc – all very worth while. I consider this one of my top life experiences.
    * This trip was a lot of fun. The classes were helpful and very interesting. I learned a lot about Shanghai by travelling around and talking to many different people.
    * I landed in Shanghai and I felt immediately involved and immersed in the program. The organization and welcoming to the school was exceptional, and the events and classes were run flawlessly. 
    * My experience couldn’t have been better. I made many new friends from Shanghai and Vancouver. The program is rich with places to see and things to learn. I love the language buddies and teachers. And it’s fun to go to the student cafeteria to order from the dumpling guy and the noodle lady. I learned a lot in this program.
    *Incredibly rewarding intellectually, experientially, and personally. Not only did I improve my Mandarin, I was also able to both revisit and create new friendships with classmates and group members alike. I will be back next year, making it a third time.

Wonderful memories...


Welcome to the 2018 Chinese Language & Culture Program in Shanghai

The 2018 Shanghai Language & Culture program is a 26-day language & culture immersion program for Canadian college and university students.

Dates: May 10th to June 6th <<Click for more info>>
Program Fee: CAD$1,350 <<Click for more info>>

Program Highlights

* a minimum of 50 hours of language instruction
* 3 hours of language classes in the mornings, Mondays-Fridays
* afternoon & evening cultural & social activities
* Chinese university students as language buddies
* some free afternoons to explore the city
* sightseeing in Shanghai


Hosting Institute

International Education College, Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.



FAQ:  Why do we go to a university of traditional Chinese medicine to study Chinese?

The International Education College of the Shanghai Traditional Chinese Medicine has over 30 years of experience providing language and culture training to foreign students preparing to study traditional Chinese medicine. Over 6,000 doctors, acupuncturists and physiotherapists from almost 100 countries have gone through the language & cultural programs of the College. It is one of the best Chinese language & culture training institutes in China. Teaching is of top quality. Faculty are dedicated, highly qualified and experienced. Chinese culture lures Canadian students >>>


Shared accommodation within walking distance to the university. Rooms are equipped with: washroom, air conditioning, TV, telephone, internet connection.

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