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  • * I spent 28 days in Shanghai, taking daily language classes at the University and going on afternoon and weekend trips around the city. Classes were divided by skill level, then the classes on each day were divided into reading, speaking, and listening. On the trips, we were taken to tourist locations such as gardens and markets, cultural locations such as museums and art galleries, and modern life places such as downtown centers and shopping malls.

    *It was very enjoyable to learn Chinese here and experience the Chinese culture at the same time. Shanghai is beautiful and the language buddies helped us explore the city and made our trip the best experience possible.

    *My experience in this program was very memorable. I got to meet new people and make new friends. Also, I am happy that my Chinese has improved and that I got to try new things while in Shanghai.

    *I have learned a great deal, and I am now glad to say that my familiarity with China will make it easier for me to come again. I will be much more comfortable coming here in future thanks to this program. It was an excellent introduction to how things are here.



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