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1. Chen, Robert S.”Greeting from President of the Canadian TCSL Association” (V. 1-1-1)

2. Knowles, Tony. “The Prospects of the Confucius Institute” (V. 1-1-2)

3. King, Richard. “Demographic Change and Challenges it Brings for TCSL Instructors” (V. 1-1-3)

4. Yeh, Chia-ying. “The Aesthetics of Chinese Poetry with Respect to Language Characteristics” (V. 1-1-4)

5. Gao, Yuanmin. “Deliberation on Simplified Chinese Characters in the High-Tech Era” (V. 1-1-5)

6. Leung, Laifong. “Early Spring in February: Learning Chinese Language, Literature, and Society” (V. 1-1-6)

7. Wu, Helen Xiaoyan. “Demonstration of a Highly Effective Method of Teaching Chinese Characters” (V. 1-1-7)

8. Huang, Jincheng. “Discussion on ‘Teaching Pingyin Before Characters’” (V. 1-1-8)

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9. Xu, Xueqing. “Experiential Learning: Chinese Language Study Abroad” (V. 1-1-9)

10. Dong, Alice Bo. “Exploring Problems in Teaching Mandarin Chinese To Heritage Students” (V. 1-1-10)

11. Ng, Billie L; Huang, Xiaoyin. “WebCT as an Effective Tool to Support Communicative Language Teaching” (V. 1-1-11)

12. Yang, Juying. “Effective Ways to Use WebCT to Teach Chinese Language” (V. 1-1-12)

13. Sun, Ying. “Contemporary Chinese, A Unique Modern Chinese Reader” (V. 1-1-13)

14. Beaupre, Charles P. “Educational Psychology and Chinese Language learning” (V. 1-1-14)

15. Lin, Hua. “Understanding Problems in Learning Mandarin Consonants by Monolingual Speakers of English” (V. 1-1-15)

16. Chen, Robert S. “Peaceful Rise, Multiculturalism, and TCSL” (V. 1-1-16)



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