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Guidelines to Manuscript Submissions


Articles in English:

1. Manuscripts submitted to the Canadian TCSL Journal must not have been previously published or currently under review for publication.

2. Manuscripts should be submitted in electronic format, with an original hardcopy sent to the Chief editor’s address posted on the TCSL website. Please use Microsoft Word, Times New Roman, with font size 12-point for the main text and 11-point for the notes and references.

3. Full sources must be given for direct and indirect borrowing or citations of ideas and quotations. Sources from the Internet should be given.

4. Manuscripts should be kept under 2500 words.

5. An abstract (1/2 page, single-spaced) in both Chinese and English should be provided in the beginning of the article.

6. When names and terms are cited, provide the spellings in the original language if they are not in English. In the case of Chinese names and terms, please give the Chinese characters and pinyin in brackets.

7. Margins: left and right margins must be 1.5”; top and bottom margins must be 1”. Please justify the left and right margins.

8. Title and author: The title, author, and affiliation lines must be centered. The title must be 14 –point bold. Capitalize the first letter of each key word of the title and sub-title, except determiners, conjunctions, and prepositions. After the title, skip a line, put your name and then the name of your institution or affiliation (without the department) on the following line.

9. Line spacing: 1.5-spacing for the main text; and single-spacing for footnotes, end notes and references.

10. Tables and figures: They should be in their actual positions in the paper, not placed at the end or between two pages.

11. Appendices: They must be placed at the end of the text and before the endnotes and references.

12. Notes: Please use endnotes. Font size for end notes should be 11-point.

Skip one line after the main text and type “Notes” in 14-point bold. The items listed should be 11-point. Please italicize the book titles, journal titles and newspaper titles.

a) Citing books:
Author name (Last name, first name or initial), year. Book title (place: publisher).

b) Citing articles from a journal:
Author name (last name, first name or initial), year. “article title”, Journal title, 3/1999, pp. 10-25.

c) Citing articles from a collected work, include editor if necessary:
Author name (Last name, first name or initial), year. “article title”, Editor, Book title (place: publisher), pp.22-30.

d) Citing articles from newspapers:
Author (Last name, first name or initial), year. °article title”, Newspaper Name, 23 July, 2008.

e) Citing articles from translated works:
Author (Last name,first name or initial), year. Book Title. Name of translator. (place: publisher,year), pp.1-4.

13. References: List all the works consulted.

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1. 來稿必須從未發表或者正在被考慮發表。

2. 來稿請用電郵附件方式, 另寄本刊主編一份印件。文章請用Microsoft Word。字體請用仿宋體為主, 字碼以12號為宜。注解和參考資料請用11 號字碼。

3.凡直接或間接引用他人觀點、語句, 請注明具體出處。 網上資料同樣要注明。

4. 來稿的長度以不超過2500字為宜。

5. 來稿請附上半頁左右的中英文章概要。

6. 凡引用非中文名稱, 請附上原文,以便識認。

7. 版心外左右邊各留一吋半,上下各留一吋。

8. 標題與作者﹕論文標題、作者姓名、所屬單位依次放在頁頂部中間位置。標題為14字碼。

9.行距﹕本文以1.5為宜; 注解和參考書目以1.0為宜。

10. 圖表、數據﹕ 勿放在論文之末或者兩頁之間。

11. 附錄﹕放在論文之末,注解和參考數目之前。

12. 注解﹕ 論文之後,隔開一行,用14 字號標明『注解』﹕


1) 引用專著﹕
作者姓名 (出版年份),《書名》(出版地: 出版社),頁23-35。

2) 引用期刊文章﹕
作者姓名, <文章題目>, 載《期刊名稱》, 3/1999, 頁10-25.

3) 引用文集文章, 并寫上編者名稱﹕
作者姓名 (出版年份), <文章題目>, 載入某某編著之《書名》(出版地: 出版社),頁22-30。

4) 引用報紙文章﹕
作者姓名, <文章題目>, 《報紙名稱》,2008年12月20日。

5) 引用譯著﹕
原作者姓名 (中文译名和原文姓名)(出版年份), 《原書名》(出版地: 出版社)。 譯者姓名,《書翻名》(出版地: ﹕出版社, 年份), 頁1-4。

13. 參考資料﹕ 列出所用的書籍、文章、網上資料等資料



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