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University of Alberta

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T6G 2E6; tel: 780-492-2836; fax:780-492-7440


Chinese program

Department of East Asian Studies, Faculty of Arts


Program on campus

Chinese program


Program in China

Summer study program in Zhejiang University, May to June in alternate years



Dr.Laifong Leung (



500-600 students per year in fall and winter terms



Dr. Laifong Leung, Dr. Jennshann Lin, Dr. Wenying Jiang, Dr. Daniel Fried (with Comparative Literature), Dr. David Walters (with Fine Arts)


Instructor and Teaching Assistants

Full-time : 1



Fall program (language courses): China 101, 201, 211, 238, 301, 341, 401, 428

Winter program (language courses): China 102, 202, 212, 302, 342, 402, 438

Literature courses offered either term: 321, 322, 337,339, 414, 425, 410, 420, 455

Summer courses in China: China 270, 370

Graduate courses: 501, 502, 510, 520, 552, 599


Textbook (language)

Integrated Chinese
China Scene; newspaper and internet reading
Early spring and February plus other plays/film
Short stories (handout)
Business Chinese


Degree ??





Certificate in Translation in Chinese

MA: Chinese literature

Honors in Chinese

BA: Major and Minor in Chinese language and literature

Combined Major in Chinese and another subject

Students may pursue a Certificate in Translation in Chinese while fulfilling existing requirements in their disciplines by choosing Chinese language, linguistics, and translation practice courses in addition to 2 courses in Translation History and Translation Theory.



Chinese proficiency Test (HSK) held on the 3rd Saturday of October every year

Speech Contest: held in mid-March every year

Chinese-English Conversation Club: held weekly during the terms



Dr. Laifong Leung ( ; Dr. Jennshan Lin (


Course descriptions

Undergraduate courses:

China 101 Basic Chinese I
China 102 Basic Chinese Ii
China 201 Basic Chinese III
China 202 Basic Chinese IV
China 211 Mandarin Chinese I (for advanced dialect speakers)
China 211 Mandarin Chinese II (for advanced dialect speakers)
China 238 Contrastive Analysis of Chinese & English
China 270 The Chinese Language in its Cultural Setting I
China 301 Intermediate Chinese I
China 302 Intermediate Chinese II
China 318 Business Chinese
China 321 Pre-modern Chinese Literature in English Translation
China 322 Modern Chinese Literature in English Translation
China 337 Women in Modern Chinese Literature and Film
China 339 Autobiography, Memoir, and Biography
China 341 Classical Chinese I
China 342 Classical Chinese II
China 370 The Chinese Language in its Cultural Setting II
China 401 Advanced Chinese I: Chinese in Mass Media
China 402 Advanced Chinese II: Literature and Society
China 410 Classical Chinese Poetry
China 414 Chivalric Tales and Love Stories
China 420 Chinese Modernity: Literature and Film
China 425 Post-Mao Fiction
China 428 Chinese-English Translation
China 438 Practical Translation
China 455 Topics in Taiwan Literature
China 480 Topics in Chinese Studies
China 483 Supervised Readings in Chinese
China 490 Honors Thesis

Graduate Courses:
China 500 Topics in Chinese Language
China 501 Methods of Research: Pre-modern
China 502 Methods of Research: Modern
China 510 Reading Tang-Song Poetry
China 520 Modernism and Twentieth-Century Literature
China 552 Topics in Modern Chinese Literature
China 599 Topics in Chinese Literature


Related organization on campus:

China Institute: founded in November 2006.
Contact person: Acting Director, Dr. Wenran Jiang (


Related faculties and departments

Faculty of Education: Offers minor in Mandarin Chinese for students who wish to teach Chinese

Many China content courses are also offered in the following departments: eg. Anthropology, Comparative Literature, Economics, Fine Arts, History, Political science.