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University of Waterloo

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Renison College, University of Waterloo


Chinese Program

Chinese Language Program, East Asian Studies


Programs on Campus

Fall Program, Winter Program, Summer Program,


Program in China

Summer in China Program with Universities in Beijing and Xi’an


Director/ Coordinator

Yan Li, Adjunct Assistant Professor



Fall Term:150 students ( 0.5 credit courses)

Winter Term: 150 students (0.5 credit courses)

Summer Term: 55 students (0.5 credit courses)

Summer in China Program: 20 students (1.0 credit course)

Non-credit courses: 20 students


Chinese Instructors

Full-time Instructor: 1

Part-time Sessional Instructors: 2


Teaching Assistants

Part-time Teaching Assistants: 2



Fall Term: CHINA 101, CHINA 120, CHINA 201, CHINA 202

Winter Term: CHINA 101, CHINA 102, CHINA 120, CHINA 211/212

Summer Term: CHINA 120, CHINA 201/212

Summer in China Program: EASIA 250



CHINA 101, 102, 120: New Practical Chinese Reader Vol. I. Liu Xun.. BeijingLanguageUniversity Press. 2002.

CHINA 201: New Practical Chinese Reader Vol. II.Liu Xun. BeijingLanguageUniversity Press. 2002.

CHINA 202: New Practical Chinese Reader Vol III.Liu Xun. BeijingLanguageUniversity Press. 2002.

CHINA 211/212: Business Chinese. BeijingLanguageUniversity. 1980.


Degree Offered

East Asian Studies: Major and Minor Degrees (under discussion)

Certificate of East Asian Studies: offered since 1998



  • Annual East Asian Festival (on campus in October).
  • Annual Mandarin Speech Contest (Summer in Beijing).
  • Annual Chinese Language Test (in cooperation with University of Western Ontario).
  • Annual Chinese-Canadian authors reading tour ( in cooperation with YorkUniversity and University of Western Ontario).


Contact Information

Yan Li

Tel: (519) 884-4404 ext. 648



Course Description

CHINA 101: First-Year Chinese 1

An introductory course for students who have no prior background in writing, speaking, or understanding any dialect of the Chinese language to develop basic listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. Practical oral and written exercises are used to provide a firm grammatical foundation for further study.


CHINA 102: First-Year Chinese 2

With the completion of the study of the rudiments of phonetics (as provided in CHINA 101), the emphasis in this course will shift to grammar and character writing. Vocabulary will be expanded to 500 to 700 words.


CHINA 120: Advanced First-Year Chinese

Equivalent to 101 and 102 but covered in one term. This introductory Chinese course is designed for two major groups of students who have different initial advantages in learning Chinese: 1) students who have substantial aural-oral proficiency but with little or no ability of reading and writing Chinese characters, and 2) those who know characters but cannot speak Mandarin (Putonghua).


CHINA 201: Second-Year Chinese 1

Development of speaking, writing, reading, and listening skills. This course and its follow-up (CHINA 202) will include a survey of grammar, complex sentences, logical stress and a final review.


CHINA 202: Second-Year Chinese 2

The study of Chinese characters will receive more emphasis. Grammar instruction will include comparisons and different kinds of complements.It concentrates on topics of interest to students, illustrating cultural differences between China and the West. Upon completion of CHINA 201 and 202, the student should have a reading vocabulary of 1,600 Chinese characters and have learnt about 300 key sentence patterns.


CHINA 211/212: Chinese for Business Settings

A course to develop comprehension, speaking, reading, and writing of Mandarin specifically related to the Chinese business environment. This course is designed for students who are already familiar with Chinese characters and Mandarin tonality.


EASIA 250: Study Abroad in China

An intensive study of the Chinese culture and language. With the guidance of a Course Director, students attend lectures, complete readings, and visit cultural sites for six weeks or more on location.



Our Chinese language program was started in 1990 and is still in the process of development.