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Chinese Program

Chinese Language Program, Humanities, School of Arts & Science


Programs on Campus

Fall Program

Winter Program


Program in China

CapitalNormalUniversity in Beijing (Full Year Program)


Director/ Coordinator

Ying Sun



Fall Program:100 students

Winter Program:70 students


Chinese Instructors

Faculty Members:1



Teaching Assistants


Part-time: 1



Fall Program, 1st Term: Chinese 100, Chinese 200

Winter Program, 2nd Term: Chinese 101, Chinese 201



Contemporary Chinese Vol. 1 & 2, Sinolingua Press. 2003.


Degree Offered

Associate Degree



Annual Spring Festival Party

Annual Mandarin Speech Contest

Visiting Scholar Forum

Film shows


Contact Information

Ms. Ying Sun

Tel: 250-370-3392

Fax: 250-370-3417



Course Description

CourseDescription: (Chinese 100)

This is an introductory course in Modern Standard Chinese designed for students with no background in Chinese. The course objective is to provide a systematic introduction to modern Chinese in both its spoken and written forms. The important aspects of the course consist of the acquisition of a thorough grounding in pronunciation, the introduction of basic grammar and written characters. The textbook begins with “Preparation” which introduces the Chinese sound system and is the most important part of this course. At the end of the course, students will master Mandarin sounds (Pin Yin) and be able to understand simple Chinese sentences and read and write about 150 Chinese characters. Classes will be so structured as to provide maximum opportunity for students’ participation with the aim of acquiring both fluency and accuracy in the use of Mandarin Chinese.


CourseDescription:(Chinese 101)

Chinese 101 is a sequel to Chinese 100. The course is designed to broaden students’ fundamental linguistic skills in Chinese based on the language skills acquired in Chinese 100. About 200 additional expressions will be learned. At this level, students are expected to understand and ask simple questions, hold basic conversations in Chinese and read and write both Pin Yin and Chinese characters. The instructor will use more Chinese in class to maximize students’ exposure to the target language.


CourseDescription:(Chinese 200)

Chinese 200 develops the conversational skills and understanding of the grammatical points of modern standard Chinese learnt in Chinese 100 & 101 courses. Students’ communication skills in Chinese will be further developed by the additional 150-200 new characters. After the first week devoted to reviewing last terms’ work, we will study one lesson of the textbook every two weeks, reaching lesson six by the end of the semester.


CourseDescription:(Chinese 201)

Chinese 201 is a sequel to Chinese 200. The purpose of this course is to further develop students’ communication skills in mandarin Chinese. At the end of the course, students will be able to describe and discuss certain topics in Chinese, read and write short passages and learn to read and write about 800 Chinese characters. We will study one lesson of the textbook every two to three weeks (six lessons per semester). Additional readings will also be introduced on a regular basis.