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Canadian TCSL Journal

Papers Presented at the 2nd China-Canada TCSL Symposium
Main Theme
TCSL in the 21st Century: Innovations, Challenges, and Solutions
Content Speaker

1. Greeting from President of the Canadian TCSL Association Robert S. Chen
Keynote Speeches:  
2. The Prospects of the Confucius Institute Tony Knowles
3. Demographic Change and Challenges it Brings for TCSL Instructors Richard King
4. The Aesthetics of Chinese Poetry with Respect to Language Characteristics Chia-ying Yeh
Paper Presentations:  
5. Deliberation on Simplified Chinese Characters in the High-Tech Era Yuanmin Gao
6. Early Spring in February: Learning Chinese Language, Literature, and Society Laifong Leung
7. Demonstration of a Highly Effective Method of Teaching Chinese Characters Helen Xiaoyan Wu
8. Discussion on “Teaching Pingyin Before Characters” Jincheng Huang
9. Experiential Learning: Chinese Language Study Abroad Xueqing Xu
10. Exploring Problems in Teaching Mandarin Chinese To Heritage Students Alice Bo Dong
11. WebCT as an Effective Tool to Support Communicative Language Teaching Billie Ng, Xiaoyin Huang
12. Effective Ways to Use WebCT to Teach Chinese Language Juying Yang
13. Contemporary Chinese, A Unique Modern Chinese Reader Ying Sun
14. Educational Psychology and Chinese Language learning Charles P. Beaupre

15. Understanding Problems in Learning Mandarin Consonants by Monolingual Speakers of English

Hua Lin
16. Peaceful Rise, Multiculturalism, and TCSL Robert S. Chen


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