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Papers Presented at the 6th TCSL International Conference 2010


Main Theme:
Main theme: New Vision and New Horizon
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会长发言 (p.1) 陈山木
1. 基于附码语料库的对外汉语教学知识挖掘研究 盛玉麒
2. 汉字理据的认识、利用与维护 On the Understanding and Application of Semantic Approach to TCSL (pp.17-29) 李大遂
3. 对外汉语教学中的方言偏误及预应理论试说—以四川方言为中心 A Study of Dialectal Error and its Prevention Theory in TCFL (pp.30-49) 汪启明
4. 中外合作文化推介的理论与实践探讨 Inquiry into Theory and Practice of Culture Introduction by a
Cooperative Approach (pp.50-67)
5. 从一组称谓词的使用看在日本汉语教学中文化背景导入的重要性 The Importance of Cultural Introduction in TCSL in Japan Based on the
Usage of a Group of Addressing Terms (pp.68-78)
6. 汉语教学中如何切入文化因素 At What Point Should We Enter Culture in TCSL? (pp.79-83) 李凌、孙娴
7. 扎根经典,传承文化: 提高华裔学生华语学习“时效比”的 赵丽泓实践与研究 Inherit the Classics in Chinese Literature and Carry Forward Chinese Culture: A Research and Practice on Improving Quality and Efficiency of Learning for
Chinese Speaking Students (pp.84-101)
8.汉语二语戏剧化教学法范畴与应用纲要刍议 Periphery and Application Outlines of Process Drama Approach in TCSL (pp.102-111) 陈山木
9. 关于如何增加汉语学习 “快乐” 性的初步探索 The Exploration of Increasing the Fun Aspect of Chinese Learning (pp.112-116) 晏燕
10.古汉语教学设计及方法初探 A Probe into Instructional Design and Methods in Classical Chinese Teaching (pp.117-122) 贺天舒
12. .多元背景中文班的测试设汁 Test Design for Multi-background Mandarin Classes (pp.129-136) 曲延风
13. 高差距语言水平的大学选修中级华语课教学 Teaching University Elective-Intermediate Chinese with Multilevel
Students (pp.137-141)
14. 汉语教学中学生与学生之间交际的错误修复次序 Repair Sequences in Chinese-as-a-Foreign-Language Student-Student
Interaction (pp.142-160)
15. 汉语学习辅助读物编写的理论与实践 Theory and Practice in Compiling Chinese Supplementary
Readings (pp.161-165)
16.试论“精视精读”教学模式与教材编写 On the Teaching Mode and Textbook Compilation of the Intensive Audiovisual and Reading Course (pp.166-170) 王飙
17.全球化背景下的经贸汉语本科课程建设刍议 A Modest Proposal for the Curriculum Development of Business Chinese For Undergraduate Overseas Students (pp.171-179) 张向荣
18.商务汉语教材编写模式探析 Inquiry and Analysis of a Compiling Mode for Business Chinese
Textbooks (pp.180-192)
19.试论编写以“词本位”为原则的初级汉语阅读教材 Proposal of a Beginner’s Chinese Reading Textbook Based on Words and Phrases (pp.193-199) 姚敏
20.浅谈新加坡小学华文教材的编写 Reviews on the Compilation of Primary School Textbooks in
Singapore (pp.200-209)
21.汉字高度集约: 《中文听说读写》案例研究 Chinese Characters are Highly Productive: A Case Study of Integrated Chinese (pp.210-211) 吴小燕
22.行动载具上具有动态复习时点的汉字学习系统 Chinese Character Learning System on Mobile Device with Dynamic Timing of Review (pp.212-234) 何宏发


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