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Canadian TCSL Journal

Papers Presented at the 4th China-Canada TCSL Symposium


Main Theme:
“Explorations on Teaching Chinese Language and Culture”
Content Speaker

1. President’s Message Robert S. Chen
Keynote Speeches:  
2. “汉语文化教学概念,内客,原则,方法,与研究范畴初探”

Robert S. Chen

3. “Digital Tools for Chinese Language Learning and Teaching: CKC Code and its On-line Dictionary” Kaho Tse, Esther Chan
4. “中国大陆对外少儿汉语教材编写出版的最新发展” Biao Wang
5. “普通话上声的数字化实验及汉语上声教学中的调位意识” Aiju Liu, Jieping Xu
6. “基于WEB资源应用的汉语语言与文化的教学” Yuzhen Xiong
Paper Presentations:  
7. “Collectivism vs. Individualism: Chinese Language Learning Through Culture Comparison” Karen Tang
8. “Teaching Business Mandarin with Chinese Culture Inputs” Frieda He
9. “汉语远程教学的新探讨" Xiaoyin Huang
10. “A Brief Review on Multimedia Technology in Chinese Instruction” Zhenghong Li

11. “比较在语法教学中的运用”

Vivian Wu
12. “中文教材的文化介绍宜求精准” Helen Wu
13. “Heritage Language Learning and Identity” Duanduan Li
14. “Discussion of Issues Concerning Textbooks and Other Teaching Resources” Ying Sun


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