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Papers Presented at the 7th Canadian TCSL International Conference 2012


Main Theme:
Teaching Chinese in the 21th Century: Changes and Challenges
Content Speaker

会长的话 陈山木
1. 呼吁进一步研究传动科技与社交网络对汉语教学与学习的冲击 (p.1)A Call for Further Studies on the Impacts of Mobile Devices and Social Net-workings on TCSL and LCSL  
2. “吟诵的文学”与“歌唱的文学”—兼谈中国古典诗、词之别 (p.2-8) The Chanting Literature and the Singing Literature--The Distinction between Poetry and Song Lyrics 赵晓岚
3. 多媒体技术在国际汉语词汇教学中的应用 (p.9-11) The Application of Multimedia Technologies in Teaching Vocabulary to International Chinese Students 冯凌宇
4. 从长城汉语谈计算机辅助汉语教学 (p. 12-17) The Great Wall Chinese Software and CCAI 央青
5. 博客(BLOG)辅助中级对外汉语阅读教学的设计与实施 (p. 18-24) Design and Implement of Blog—Assisting the Teaching of Intermediate Chinese Reading Comprehension 徐品香
6. 人脑研究新发现及其在汉语教学上的应用 (p. 25-32) New Research into the Brain and its Implications for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign/Second Language 唐力行, Robin Harvey
7. 国际汉语词汇教学的系统观、认知观与应用观 (p.33-36) The systematic, cognitive and applied perspective on CSL Teaching 曾立英
8.交际任务在学习者产出性词汇发展中的重要作用 (p.37-41) Important Role of Communicative Tasks in Learners’ Acquiring Vocabulary 陈作宏
9. 目的语与非目的语环境文化学习方式对比 (p.42-47)
Contrastive Analysis of Acculturation in Target and Non-target Language Environments
10.形象教学法在中文教学中具有强烈的启迪效果 (p.48-50) The Instructional Effect of Depicting with Images in TCSL 任京生
12. 尝试一种涵盖功能价值的语法教学方法―采用Can-do自我评价表 (p.61-65) Testing the Function-Value Teaching Method with Self-Assessment- -A Can-do Checklist 胡玉华
13. 文化交流在汉语课堂教学中的运用与启发 (p.66-70) Exertion and Inspiration of Cultural Communications in TCSL Classes 吴娜
14. 基于第二语言习得原则的汉字字理教学 孙纪真
15. 主谓短语直接做定语的偏正短语的类型和功能 (p.71-83) A Study on Types and Functions of the Modifier-head Phrase, in which the Subject-predicate Phrase Modifies the Head Noun Directly 李铁根
16. “了2”的语用教学研究: 以“谢谢了、对不起了”为例 (p.84-89) Pragmatic Instruction Study of “le 2”: Using “Xiexiele” and “Duibuqile” as Examples 徐雨棻
17.美国汉语学习者的汉语感谢回应模式 (p.90-95)
The Modes of Responding to Thanks for American Chinese Learners
18.《新汉语水平考试大纲》及样卷考察分析 (p.96-106) An Investigation and Analysis of the “New HSK Outline” and its Sample Tests 么书君
19.论人教版《语文》教材的拼音教学方案 (p.107-112) On the Pinyin Teaching Plan in the Language Textbooks by the People’s Education Press 刘学顺
20.基于需求分析的中医院校留学生汉语教学模式探讨 (p.113-116) An Analysis of Teaching Plans of Chinese as a Requirement for Foreign Students in Chinese Medical Schools 周萍
21.创新教学模式促进自主学习 (p.117-124)
Innovative Teaching Model for Active Learning Promotion
22.中国英语学生在拼读上的跨语言迁移 (p.125-133)
The Cross-linguistic Transfer in the Reading and Spelling of Chinese ESL Students
23.北美汉语学习信念的考察:师生间之差异 (p.134-140) Beliefs about Chinese Language Learning in North America: Some Surprising Discrepancies between Teachers and Learners 崔彦萍, Delroy L. Paulhus
24.加强汉语学习者写作能力的策略 (p.141-147)
Strategies to Enhance Chinese Learners’ Writing Skills
25.双赢共存, 祸福与共--重新审视“以学生为主的”的服务观 (p.148-152) Co-existence with the Same Destination--A Review of the Student-Centered Teaching Concept 李舒娅
26.为经典名歌创作新词,促中文学习更上层楼 (p.153-156) New Lyrics for Old Songs: A fun Way to Learn Chinese 吴小燕


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